MCOBA Go-Kart 2017 Rules

Event Details:
Date: Saturday, 18 November 2017
Venue: City Karting, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam
Duration: 15 mins practice + 70 mins race
Registration time: 8:00AM
Race Time: 10:00AM – 11:10AM
Drivers per team: 4 Drivers (MCOBs only)
Minimum team weight: 290KG
Team Entry Fee: MYR600
Deadline for Registration: 11:59pm 27 October 2017
Deadline for Full Payment: 11:59pm 03 November 2017

Kart Specifications:
Engine: Honda GP 200cc – 4 stroke
Top speed: 60 – 70km/h
Horsepower: 6.5HP
Kart allocation: Ballot system

Rules & Regulations

1. Race registration is from 8:00AM and will close sharp on 9:00AM. We hope for your full cooperation to ensure timeliness as to not delay the race.
2. Each team MUST consist of 4 drivers. Any team with less than 4 drivers is allowed to race, but will not be classified or able to be eligible for prizes.
3. Random kart balloting will be done after the race briefing for kart allocation.
4. As there is no ballast for this event, a minimum team weight of 290kg requirement will be enforced. For every 5KG less than the minimum requirement, a 1 (ONE) lap penalty will be
applied after the race. For example, if your team weighs 274kg, the team will be given a 3 lap penalty after race completion which will affect final standings.

Race Attire
5. It is advisable to be fully suited for the race; however if any of the drivers does not have a racing suit, you are advised to wear long sleeve t-shirt/jacket, jeans and sport shoes.
6. Use of a helmet is MANDATORY. However, for any driver who does not have their own helmet, free use of a helmet and disposable hair net will be provided by the track operator.

Race Format
7. The format of the race will be an Endurance Team Race for a continuous 70 minutes.
8. Every team is given 15 minutes for practice. Teams are allowed to change karts during the practice session. However, any kart change after practice session will result in the team starting the race from the back of the formation.
9. Race will start sharp 10:00AM.
10. The starting method of the race will be a rolling start.
11. Each kart will have its own transponder. Timing for each team as well as the number of laps completed will be monitored directly by the track operator during the race.
12. The race ends sharp after the period of 70 minutes.
13. Teams will be ranked by number of laps completed less any penalties incurred. The tiebreak for podium standings will be the average lap time for the team.
14. The organizer will be the final arbiter of any race disputes during the event.

Driver Change
15. Three (3) Pit window sessions will be open during the race period for driver change.
16. Each pit window session is 5 minutes each.
a. Pit 1: 15th to 20th minute
b. Pit 2: 32.5th to 37.5th minute
c. Pit 3: 50th to 55th minute
17. Teams are free to change drivers at any point of time inside these 5 minute windows. Any teams that make any driver change outside these windows will be penalized with a 5 lap
18. All 4 drivers MUST race and can only drive once. Any team caught not obeying this rule will be disqualified.
19. There will be no refueling stops for this race.

20. As this is not a ‘serious’ championship by any stretch of imagination, but rather an approach in the spirit of healthy competition combined with the enjoyment of racing with fellow enthusiasts, it’s primarily about having lots of fun.
21. The organizer will not be responsible for any injuries, however a safety briefing for the safety issues will be conducted on event day and paramedics will be on standby during the whole
period of event.
22. Safety marshals will be stationed at the designated spots on the track manned by the staff track operator staff. Drivers will be flagged for dangerous driving and any driver receiving 3
warnings may be instructed by safety marshals to exit the track and the team receiving disqualification.

23. The track operator will be responsible for calculating costs for repairing damaged karts during the event. Reimbursement for any minor or major damages will be the responsibility
of the affected teams who will be required to liaise directly with the track operator.

24. Teams are required to fill up the registration form at the link below to book entry for participation in the Event –
25. The deadline for registration is 11:59PM on 27 October 2017.
26. There will be no “Walk-In” registration on event day.

27. Full payment of MYR600 is required after registration to confirm a team’s participation in the event.
28. The deadline for full payment is 11:59PM on 03 November 2017.
29. Payment for team registration is to be made to the following account:
a. Maybank 1142-7218-2665 (Reza Baharin).
b. Please include reference to MCOBA Go-Kart in the payment reference including the Team Name. Example: Team Power Go-Kart.
30. For administrative purposes, once payment is made, please email the organizers at
[email protected] with proof of payment.

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