Clash of Kualer, MCKK vs Clifford Rematch

MCKK 9600 vs CLIFFORD Class of 2000.

After 19 years, we finally got together and had a repeat match of the defeat in u-15 (1998).

The match was held at Stadium USJ. The game was planned to start at 4.30 PM, but due to delays, the kick off were at 5.15 PM. The game was brought to halt after the first half whistle as it was pouring heavily. The game resumed at 6.30 PM to 7.05 PM.

In the first half, Clifford was quick to move about the pitch, as expected, they were lean and much fitter than koleq. Their passes were accurate and the long balls were well played.

Clifford’s first goal came in first half where the striker dribbled his way in the box.

In the second half, koleq regained the tempo, had more shots on target but failed to convert any. While Clifford was trying best to break through the middle, quick thinking and charged by the center back Adooz saved the day. Majid (koleq) goalie did a great for his first day on the job.

The inevitable happened, koleq lost another goal. The game was brought to close with koleq losing 2-0 to Clifford.

It was a match of camaraderie amongst old rival. We thank Clifford for the effort of coming down here to organize the match.

Koleq 9600 Players: Adooz, Kaduk, Majid, Kabi, Najib, Tom, Ed, Skis, kukubal, KJ, Husin, Sei, Anip, Acai, Rudy.
Manager: Medea, Amin.

P/S: Team, time to train harder. Not just PS4.

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